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Acne + Blemishes



Acne is defined as a chronic inflammatory disease of the oil glands. There are many grades of acne that can present on the skin as blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and or cysts.

Early intervention can prevent the mental health impact, including the effects on your self-esteem and prevent the physical long term issue of acne scarring.

Dr. Lian as a family physician with many years treating skin conditions is able to properly diagnose and treat acne effectively so as to mitigate its potentially devastating consequences.

Whether it be teenage, hormonal or late onset acne; if you’re in the Ottawa region, come see Dr. Lian so she can develop an individualized plan. Treatment options include, but aren’t limited to microneedling, peels, and acne fighting skin care for home (including prescriptions).

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