Dr. Lian Beauty

Chemical Peels

Dr. Lian loves using medical grade chemical peels including the Perfect Derma Peel because she is able to tailor the peel to suit a variety of needs for her patients.

Chemical peels remove layers of the skin, exposing a fresh and rejuvenated layer of skin cells resulting in a glowing complexion.

It is important to go to someone with a good understanding of the various chemicals and skin types so as to avoid any complications.


Reduce acne blemishes and scars

Improve skin texture, refine pores.

Even out skin tone


Superficial peels include 10% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and salicyclic acid

For medium depth peels: The Perfect Derma Peel, Glycolic acid or Jessner’s (salicyclic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol) + TCA 35% are used.

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Superficial peel


Medium depth peel


The Perfect Derma Peel


Treatment Overview

Downtime: up to 1 week for medium depth peels
Duration of session: 30 mins
Interval between sessions: 2-4 weeks
Pain: mild – moderate