Plexr for Plantar Warts

What are warts?

Warts are small growths that can develop on the skin of the feet, hands or face. They are caused by a virus from the papillomavirus family. When they appear on the genitals, they are called condylomas.
Although they pose no health risk, they are a nuisance to deal with whether you are a child or an adult.

How do you get a wart?

The viruses can easily be transmitted. The two primary ways of catching a wart are:

1. Direct contact with your skin. If the epidermis has small lesions such as cracks or cuts, the person can absorb the virus more easily

2. Indirect transmission of the virus via objects or surfaces that have been contaminated by people carrying the virus (floors, towels, shoes, etc.)

Once the body catches the virus, it takes hold in the epidermis, causing the epidermis to proliferate, creating a rough lump of skin. Warts draw their nutrients from blood vessels and several strata of epithelial tissue.

Warts are also able to spread to different areas of the body. Eg. If there is itching, the risk of spread is increased.

How do you treat warts?

Most of the time, warts can go away on their own. However, most people would rather get them treated. It is possible to use over the counter options like salicylic acid which gradually destroys the epidermis. Another option is the use of cold to shrink warts that have developed. In Ontario, OHIP covers the treatment for plantar warts by way of liquid nitrogen.  

However, these solutions are not always very effective and the treatments can go on forever without satisfactory results.

Fortunately, Dr. Lian can now offer Plexr technology to get rid of unattractive warts quickly and thoroughly. The affected tissue is sublimated with Plexr plasma and after the removal of the wart, a crust will be formed and fade.

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