Fuller, longer and darker eyelashes are waiting for you.

If you have noticed changes to your eyelashes over the years, it may be time to consider Latisse®. It is made up of bimatoprost; an ophthalmic solution originally made to treat glaucoma. It is believed to act by prolonging the active growth phase of your lashes.  The solution is applied once daily to the upper lash line using an applicator. Book your consultation for the purchase Latisse® today! Must by 18 years or older with thin or inadequate upper eyelashes.

Downtime: none

Duration of session: daily for 12-16 weeks, then maintenance

Pain: none


Uncommonly, some patients experience dry eyes, pigmentation changes of the eyelids (temporary), iris (permanent) and increased hair growth in other parts of the face.

Off label use of Latisse® on the eyebrows will lengthen, thicken and darkens those hairs too!

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3ml bottle + applicators

5ml bottle +applicators