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Laser Hair Removal Brazilian: Is it Worth It? (Cost, Risks, & Tips For Smooth Hairless Skin)

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Forget beach bum woes! Imagine balmy Ottawa summers spent basking in the sun, free from the hassle and irritation of unwanted hair ‘downstairs’.

Brazilian laser hair removal promises just that: lasting smoothness and goodbye to razor bumps and waxing pain. But is it worth the hype and the investment?

Let’s delve into the world of laser-zapped pubic hair and uncover the truth behind this buzzworthy treatment.


What is A Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Unlike Brazilian wax, which involves the removal of hair using hot wax, Brazilian laser hair removal utilizes advanced technology for a more precise and effective approach.

While a bikini line treatment focuses just outside the underwear line, Brazilian laser hair removal targets the entire pubic area, including the labia majora and minora, offering better precision and effectiveness.

Our laser clinic near Ottawa employs the Elite iQ dual-wavelength laser, combining 755nm for darker hair and 1064nm for lighter, finer hair.

This advanced laser technology disrupts hair growth, reducing the risk of ingrown hairs and providing overall time savings compared to traditional Brazilian waxing.

With the benefits of reduced ingrown hairs, better precision, and time efficiency, more individuals are turning to this hair removal solution as their preferred choice.


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Preparing for a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal.

Brazilian laser hair removal offers a near-permanent solution, removing 70-90% of unwanted hair in just six sessions. 

It targets the follicle deep within, not just the surface hair, giving you lasting results without the endless cycle of temporary fixes.

Of course, investing in smooth skin means commitment: sessions every six to eight weeks. But most women see significant results with six treatment sessions while others would require up to ten sessions.

You might wonder if Brazilian laser hair removal hurt. Fortunately, the experience is surprisingly comfortable. Most describe it as a mild pinching or warm pulse, even easier with the Elite iQ laser’s advanced cooling technology.

Speaking of long-term benefits, full Brazilian laser hair removal, targeting all pubic hair, can last at least two years. Occasional maintenance sessions might be needed, but it’s a far cry from past hair removal solutions like waxing or shaving. 

That being said, here are quick tips on how to prepare for a your first treatment session.

How to Prepare for a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before the procedure. If you ingest caffeine or alcohol within 24 hours before your session, your skin might become more sensitive than usual, potentially leading to increased discomfort during the procedure.
  2. Refrain from waxing, plucking, or epilating; shaving is the only permitted hair removal method.
  3. Take a thorough shower on the morning of the session to keep the bikini area clean and accessible.
  4. Use wet wipes to freshen up before the procedure.
  5.  Dress comfortably in loose clothing to prevent irritation post-treatment.
  6. Avoid sun exposure and tanning two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure.
  7. Gently exfoliate the treatment area 24 – 48 hours before the procedure to remove dead skin cells. Use an acne cleaner or a soft brush for gentle exfoliation.
  8. To make your experience less painful, you can take Acetaminophen or Tylenol one hour before your appointment. These can lessen your experience of pain. However, it’s important to steer clear of NSAIDs like ibuprofen and Aleve, as they may thin the blood, leading to bruising and bleeding during the treatment.
  9. Shave the bikini area and bum carefully before the session, aim for a stubble length


  • Section out the bikini area for shaving, starting with the top, moving to the genital area, and finishing with the bum.


  • Trim long hairs with scissors before using a razor.


  •  Ensure the bikini area is wet before shaving.


  •  Take time and be gentle while shaving the delicate bikini area.


  •   Store aloe-vera in the fridge and apply it to the shaved area afterward.


Shaving Tips:


  •  Avoid rushing through the shaving process.


  •  Do not exert too much pressure to prevent cuts.


  •   Avoid over-shaving one section, as it may leave the hair too short for the laser hair removal procedure.

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What to Expect After Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

While some redness and swelling may appear on the surface of the skin after your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, this is a temporary side effect that will quickly fade. 

The promise of permanent reduction of unwanted hair might contradict the sight of some hair regrowth in the weeks after your session. 

However, this is simply your body’s way of pushing out the unwanted hair. Rest assured, these hairs will soon be shed effortlessly, paving the way for smooth, hair-free skin in the long run.

While the promise of laser hair removal might conjure images of permanent, effortless smoothness, it’s not a “once and done” solution. 

So you might be wondering – “How long does a Brazilian laser hair removal last?” Though hair will be significantly reduced and last for two to six years after completing your initial sessions, maintaining that silky touch might require some additional attention. 

To keep the area completely hair-free in the long run, one to four maintenance sessions a year might be needed. 


Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

In the time after your Brazilian laser hair removal, effective aftercare is paramount for optimal results and skin health. From minimizing discomfort to promoting long-lasting results, these aftercare guidelines will guide you through the steps necessary for a positive experience. 

What to do after Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Immediate 24-48 Hours After Your Session:

  • opt for loose, cotton clothing.
  • Refrain from touching the treated skin area.
  • Solely use 100% Aloe Vera on the treated region.
  • Steer clear of the gym, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, and swimming pool.
  • Maintain tepid/lukewarm water while showering or bathing.
  • Avoid engaging in any physical exercise.
  • For facial laser hair removal, apply mineral makeup only.
  • Safeguard exposed treatment areas with SPF50+, covering where possible.

Between Sessions in the Following Weeks:

  • Exfoliate the treated skin area 4-5 days post-treatment to assist in shedding treated hairs.
  • When regrowth occurs between sessions, limit hair removal to shaving or using hair removal creams.
  • Keep the treatment area protected from sun or sunbed exposure.
  • Continuously apply SPF 50+ sunscreen to exposed treatment areas.
  • Cease applying fake tan to treatment areas a week before your next session.
  • Inform us of any medication changes during your course.
  • Adhere to the recommended time frame for your next session as advised by your medical aesthetician or laser treatment provider.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost in Ottawa, Ontario

Full Brazilian laser hair removal in Ottawa, Ontario costs $300 per session at Dr. Lian Beauty. However, we offer discounted rates for packages of 3 or 6 sessions.

While the initial investment might seem daunting, Brazilian laser hair removal can be cost-effective in the long run.

Compared to the ongoing expenses of waxing or shaving, laser hair removal saves you money in the long term.


Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for Men

Traditionally associated with women, Brazilian laser hair removal, also known as “manzilian” or “brozilian”, is gaining traction among men seeking a long-term solution for unwanted pubic hair. 

This innovative approach utilizes laser technology to target and disable hair follicles, offering up to a remarkable 70-90% permanent reduction after a series of treatments.

For many men, shaving and waxing can be a tedious and irritating cycle. Ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and the constant need for upkeep can be frustrating. Brazilian laser hair removal offers a welcome alternative, providing:

  1. Convenience: No more shaving, waxing, or dealing with the discomfort and inconvenience of these methods.
  2. Hygiene: Reduced hair growth can promote better hygiene and minimize sweating in intimate areas.
  3. Confidence: Many men report increased confidence and self-esteem associated with a smooth, groomed appearance.


The procedure itself is similar to what women experience. Laser beams target the hair follicles, disrupting their growth cycle and hindering future hair production. 

While treating sensitive areas, advanced lasers like the Elite iQ utilize cooling technology to reduce discomfort. 

The success of laser hair removal depends on individual factors, so it’s vital to consult with a qualified technician. They’ll assess your skin tone and hair type, suggesting the best laser for you. 

A personalized treatment plan, involving multiple sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart, is crucial for optimal results.

Though laser hair removal requires an initial investment, the long-term benefits of permanent hair reduction often outweigh ongoing shaving or waxing costs.

For men considering Brazilian laser hair removal, several reputable clinics offer this service specifically for men. Thorough research is key. 

Choose a provider with a proven track record and experienced technicians. During the consultation, discuss your expectations, concerns, and suitability for the treatment.


Brazilian laser hair removal for male genital area (Front)

Men’s Brazilian laser treatment at the front area focuses solely on the front part of the genital region.

It typically includes the removal of hair from the pubic area, the shaft, the scrotum, and potentially the upper thighs.

This option is suitable for men who want to maintain a clean and groomed appearance in the front but do not wish to address the hair in the anus (back area).

Full Brazilian laser hair removal for males (Front & Back)

The Full Brazilian goes a step further by including all areas covered in the Front Area Brazilian and also extends to the back area, including the anal and the area between the buttocks.

During this laser hair removal treatment, your medical aesthetician or laser hair technician is simply getting rid of all the hair off the entire penis, scrotum, testicles, and anus.

Full-man Brazilian laser is chosen by patients who prefer a completely hair-free genital and anal region. It’s a popular choice for reasons of hygiene, aesthetics, or personal preference.

Male Fertility and Laser Hair Removal

A common concern is whether laser hair removal affects male fertility. The answer is no. Laser hair removal targets the surface of your skin, pigment, and hair follicles, with no penetration to organs.

Thus, it has no impact on fertility or erectile function. Rest assured, reputable clinics offering laser hair removal for genital areas would not do so if there were any fertility risks.

In response to a question submitted on realself.com concerning whether laser hair removal on the testicles could cause infertility in the future, Ron Shelton, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, says:

“The depth of penetration of this light energy should not be deep enough to penetrate the inner tissues of the testicle.

It would be prudent for the doctor to check with the company of the laser they use specifically, in terms of your question, before proceeding with your treatment. Different lasers have different wavelengths of visible light.”

Risks of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

When considering laser hair removal, the primary concern should be the provider and the laser type used.

Using the wrong laser for your skin type can lead to burning, scarring, and skin damage.

Therefore, always research and choose a reputable clinic with significant experience in laser hair removal to ensure a safe and effective procedure.


Brazilian Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Pregnant individuals are cautioned against Brazilian laser hair removal due to potential risks associated with the altered hormonal state during pregnancy. 

While no specific research on laser hair removal during pregnancy exists, the increased susceptibility to complications, such as skin burns, is a significant concern. 

The heightened risk, coupled with the slower healing process and increased likelihood of hyper-pigmentation associated with pregnancy hormones, makes it advisable to avoid laser treatments during this period. 

Instead, it is recommended to opt for traditional hair removal methods like shaving and wait until three months post-delivery, when hormone levels have normalized, to safely resume laser hair removal treatments.


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In conclusion, Brazilian laser hair removal presents a compelling option for individuals seeking a long-term solution to unwanted hair “down there”. 

It offers benefits such as reduced ingrown hairs, better precision, and overall time savings compared to traditional methods. 

While initial costs and the need for maintenance sessions should be considered, the convenience, hygiene, and confidence gained from the procedure often outweigh these factors. 

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